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July 13, 2024


IF YOU LIVE IN WESTERN NEW YORK AND HAVE BEEN INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT... BuffaloLawyers.com can help. BuffaloLawyers.com is Western New York's Legal Source for finding out about the law, finding a lawyer and having the ability to interact with an attorney prior to hiring one. We encourage you to click on a lawyer site in a practice area that you have an interest in. You can visit a particular lawyers site, watch an interactive video about their practice and contact a lawyer confidentially via e-mail. Practicing attorneys are experienced in handling all matters related to the law. Personal injury attorneys represent people with injuries due to auto or motorcycle accidents, accidents caused by drunk drivers, slips and falls, medical mistakes, dog bites and many other types of accidents.





Real Estate

Although you can sell a home on your own, it is wise to consult with a real estate attorney as it can get rather complex especially if there are contingencies involved. As the seller, you are normally responsible for paying the broker?s commission.

All potential homebuyers are afraid of purchasing a money pit. A house may look good from an aesthetic standpoint, but what if it develops problems after you've put money down, signed the papers and moved in? A house that seems in perfe...

Wills, Trusts & Estates

What is a Will?

Wills have been with us since the first days of recorded history. Archaeologists have found hieroglyphics in Egyptian tombs leaving property to others. The Bible told of the story that Jacob left Joseph a larger inheritance than his brothers received, and of the trouble that ensued as a result.

In our now modern times, wills are somewhat different and certainly more complex. What you put in yours depends on what property and assets you have at the time of your death...


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