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Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard

July 13, 2024

Your County Sheriff (pamphlet)
Doing more than meets the eye
In the Jail - On the Road - At the Crime Scene - In Communication - In the Courts - Civil Division - At The Summer Camp - On the Water - In the Air

IN THE JAIL (Holding Center)
New York State Sheriffs operate 56 Jails that house over 18,000 prisoners. They are being held for trial, awaiting their transfer to state institutions or serving their sentences. Technological advances, coupled with years of experience, allows the sheriff to administer to a rising inmate population at the lowest possible cost. Successfully operating the Jail in a cost effective and secure manner is a responsibility every sheriff takes seriously.

Most county sheriffs? offices maintain a road patrol. Deputies patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responding to emergencies, investigating crime and protecting every citizen. Sheriffs? officers respond to tens of thousands of calls every year in cases involving auto thefts, burglaries, drugs, homicides and a wide variety of other crime. The sheriffs? vigilant presence provides a sense of well-being in the community and can make would-be offenders think twice before breaking the law.

Today, technology is critical in solving crimes and developing convicting evidence. The sheriffs? investigators have access to the leading edge crime solving equipment and techniques.

They use DNA testing to confirm the presence of the perpetrator at a crime scene. The automated fingerprint data bank allows investigators to compare fingerprints almost instantly with improved accuracy. Voice stress analysis can help determine if a suspect is telling the truth. Modern forensic equipment insure the crucial evidence is retained and important crime solving evidence is retained and important crime solving leads developed.

State and nationwide data bases can instantly identify wanted fugitives, stolen autos and other significant information. Working with their own offices and in cooperation with state and federal laboratories, sheriffs are solving more crimes at a faster rate than ever before.

In most New York State Counties, the Sheriff?s Office is the center of emergency communications. The 9-1-1 system receives emergency calls from citizens and dispatches fire, ambulance and police vehicles. County residents can count on receiving a fast and professional response to any emergency, day or night.

The best way to keep the peace is to prevent crime. Your sheriff and his deputies are active in the community. The speak before civic and youth groups. They are active in your schools, presenting DARE programs, acting as resource officers and maintaining a strong presence and working relationship with students.
The Sheriff?s office insures the court system is secure and orderly. Deputies transport prisoners to hearings and trials and provide security during court proceedings. They also act as officers of the court and serve process and other legal notices on citizens as required by law.

Professional - Your county sheriff is a highly trained professional police officer, responsible for maintaining law and order in your community.

Responsible - From investigating a crime to maintaining the county jail, his job is to insure that you, your family and your neighbors may live and work peacefully and safely.

Accountable - The sheriff is the Chief Law enforcement officer in each county. An elected official, he is accountable to every citizen of the county he represents. He is an individual of outstanding moral integrity, who fully appreciates the confidence the public has placed in him and the Sheriff?s Office.

Elected - The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer in New York State.

Every year disadvantaged children from across the state attend the sheriffs? summer camp on Keuka Lake. The camp combines summer fun with programs designed to promote respect and understanding for our laws and the men and women who enforce them. For over twenty years, the sheriffs have nominated children, from their respective counties, to take part in this very special summer camp.

If you would like a copy of the ?Your County Sheriff? pamphlet, contact the Crime Prevention people at (716) 858-6305.




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